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Drum Cones - News Release

Morse Drum Cones allow precise dispensing from your drum.

East Syracuse, NY  (2/9/2004) Morse Manufacturing is pleased to introduce drum cones and clamp collar products for dispensing dry material from drums.  Dispensing dry contents from a drum can be timely, messy, dusty, inexact, and potentially dangerous.  Morse drum cones and clamp collars control the dispensing flow and help to contain the product.

Simply replace the drum lid of a fiber or steel drum with the properly sized drum cone and clamp collar and instantly the drum is an efficient pouring instrument.  By narrowing the pour diameter, the drum cone helps to contain the product, especially fine powders that tend to dust.

Dispensing can be stopped almost instantly with the use of the Morse slide gate or an iris valve.  In addition, the drum cone extends the reach of the pour by up to 13.  This is critical in dispensing applications where the lifting device is not counter-balanced and the wheels are obstructed by the receiving container.

Morse drum cones and collars are designed for standard fiber drums with inside diameters of 15.5, 17, 18.5, 20, 21.5, 22.5, and 23 as well as standard 30 and 55-gallon steel drums. The units are available in both 45 and 60 degree angles depending on the drum contents and dispensing requirements.  Units are also available in both standard carbon and stainless steels.  Morse engineers and salespeople are qualified and willing to answer any questions regarding these and other drum handling products.

For nearly 80 years, Morse Manufacturing has offered the most extensive line of drum handling equipment anywhere in the world and has introduced virtually every major product innovation in the drum-handling marketplace.  Morse Manufacturing is focused exclusively on designing, manufacturing, and marketing drum handling equipment and has a designated team of engineers developing custom solutions to individual applications.  Every product Morse produces is of superior quality and is manufactured in the United States by laborers in the Central New York community.

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Drum Cones - news release

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