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456 Series

Images of Hydra-Lift Drum Rotator / Drum Turner

Morse Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers  

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> > Shown without Enclosure for Clarity Only < <

Morse Hydra-Lift Drum Roller
Morse Hydra-Lift Drum Rotators roll a drum on its side to mix drum contents
Load Hydra-Lift Drum Roller wit a drum truck
Load the Hydra-Lift Drum Roller with a drum truck. . .
Load Hydra-Lift Drum Roller with crane
. . .or with your crane or hoist and a below-hook drum lifter
Hydra-Lift drum rotator lifts drum from upright to rolling position
Hydra-Lift Drum Rotators have hydraulic power tilt control
to raise drum from upright and lay it down in rolling position.

Image above shows:

  • Model # 456-1 Hydra-Lift Drum Roller
  • Model # CP-456-1-115 Control Package (Sold Separately)
  • Shown without enclosure for clarity only
Control Packages for Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers (Sold Separately)
Electric Package Box for NON-Explosion-Proof electric models
AC Control Package NEMA 4/12 for NON-Hazardous Areas includes
wire terminals for external connection of safety interlock switch

Controls for Explosion-Proof Models
Explosion-Proof AC Control Package NEMA 7/9 for Hazardous Areas includes
control box with start and stop buttons, and wire terminals for external safety interlock
Guard Enclosure with Safety Interlock (Sold Separately)
Safety enclosure with interlock for Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumbler
Enclosure with safety interlock automatically shuts of the drum tumbler when the door
is opened.

Option POLY-456 to roll a 55-gallon plastic drum
Option # POLY-456 Roll your 55-gallon plastic drum on a
Hydra-Lift Drum Roller, adds extra wheels and an end stop
to prevent your drum from traveling lengthways during rolling.

Option to roll 1 to 5-gallon pail on Hydra-Lift Drum Roller
Option # 1-5-1 Idler Attachment allows you to roll
1 to 5 gallon pails on your Hydra-Lift Drum Roller / Drum Turner.

 Enclosure with Safety Interlock

Note: OSHA Requirement for enclosure with safety interlock IMPORTANT - OSHA holds the employer responsible for the suitability of design and application of tools and machinery.
Install all Morse Rotators in accordance with requirements for enclosure and safety interlock, etc. One way to accomplish this is with a Morse enclosure with safety interlock, so the rotator automatically turns off when enclosure door is opened. Power connections and motor controls must also comply with applicable local codes.

For OSHA compliance in the USA, see OSHA subpart O.1910.212(a)(4) "Barrels, containers, and drums. Revolving drums, barrels, and containers shall be guarded by an enclosure which is interlocked with the drive mechanism, so that the barrel, drum, or container cannot revolve unless the guard enclosure is in place."

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Hydra-Lift Drum Rotator - Morse Hydra-Lift Drum Rotators

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California Proposition 65 Information
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