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Dolly Handle Patent Video
Dolly Handle Patent Video

Innovative Patented Design

  • Handle Assembly for clamping onto dolly providing ergonomic transportation
  • Clamp that engages dolly has upper piece that adjusts for various dolly wall heights...
  • ...and lower piece with pivotally attached handle
  • Handle stores upright, held in place by magnet

Clamping mechanism of Morse Clamp+Go Dolly Handle
Pulling drum dolly with Clamp+Go is easier and more stable
Pulling or pushing your drum dolly with the Clamp+GOTM
is easier and more stable

Pushing drum dolly is more difficult and less safe
Pushing your drum dolly by hand is more difficult and less safe

Ergonomic Morse Clamp+GOTM Dolly Handle (Patented Design)

The Clamp+GO TM Dolly Handle is a safer and easier way to move many different drum dollies. Quickly disengage the Clamp+GO TM from one drum dolly, and connect to another.

US Patent # US8424886

  • Clamps onto dolly for safer, ergonomic drum transport
  • Adjusts for various dolly wall heights
  • Pivoting handle that stores upright when not in use
  • Designed for use with a drum weighing up to 1000 Lb. (454 kg)

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Dolly Handle
Helps You Prevent Accidents !

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Someone left a dock leveler
slightly raised and. . .

drum spill

. . .but it's no problem for
the Clamp+GOTM

Moving drums is safer with the Clamp+Go Dolly Handle

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Engages Dolly Sidewall at Top and Bottom
Engages Dolly Sidewall
at Top and Bottom

Morse Clamp+Go Dolly Handle 

Clamp+GOTM Dolly Handle (Patented Design)

Morse model 24 and stainless steel model 24-SS

Reduce risks to workers with the ergonomic and safety conscious Morse Clamp+GOTM Dolly Handle. Attach Clamp+GOTM to the sidewall of your drum dolly with a downward push to engage the quick-coupling mechanism. Now you've got a drum dolly with a handle to pull or push to move your drum around. Easily move into and out of confined areas.

Increase worker safety by moving drum dollies with the Clamp+GOTM Dolly Handle. Don't risk catching your fingers between the drum and other objects. Drum dollies with handles are far more stable because you apply even force below the drum's center of gravity.

For safety reasons, use caution to maintain control and avoid tipping when pushing at the top of your drum to move a drum dolly. Lateral force at the top of the drum shifts over 70% of the weight to the front dolly wheels. This can make the dolly difficult to control, and potentially hazardous without warning - even topple over, especially if the dolly wheels hit an obstruction, a hole in the floor, or while descending a slope.

Decrease the risk of this happening by attaching the Clamp+GOTM to the drum dolly. You then pull from the bottom of the drum to move it around, with weight far more evenly distributed on all dolly wheels. You have greater control, and significantly reduce risk of tipping.

Clamp+Go handle stores upright The Clamp+GOTM Dolly Handle can be used with round metal drum dollies of various sizes. Move the quick-pin to adjust for 2", 2.5" or 3" (5.08, 6.35 or 7.62 cm) tall dolly sidewall. One Clamp+GOTM works with all Morse round drum dollies.

The Clamp+GOTM will also work with many other brands of metal, round metal drum dolly. It MUST be able to grip the top and bottom of the dolly sidewall, so will NOT work if the dolly has a solid bottom.

Use your steel-toe boot to disengage the Clamp+GOTM from your dolly. . . then quickly connect to another. Always comply with the maximum capacity of the drum dolly being handled.

For convenient storage, push the Clamp+GOTM handle to upright position, and a magnet holds it in place as shown.

Model # Description Overall
Ship Weight
Ship Dimensions
24 Clamp+GOTM Dolly Handle 44.434"
(112.86 cm)
11 Lb.
(5 kg)
L46" W11" H6"
(117 x 28 x 15.25 cm)
24-SS Type 304 Stainless Steel Clamp+GOTM Dolly Handle 44.434"
(112.86 cm)
11 Lb.
(5 kg)
L46" W11" H6"
(117 x 28 x 15.25 cm)
Last Updated: 08/21/19

Morse Clamp+GOTM Dolly Handle - Model 24 (Patented Design). Morse Clamp+GOTM Dolly Handle is a safer and easier way to move drum dollies.
Move many different drum dollies with this drum dolly handle.

Last Updated: 08/21/19

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